About Trikon Interactive

Marketing and communication is no longer limited to traditional media. They have found new turf in the digital stratosphere and the wireless media. ECRM (electronic customer relationship management), search engine marketing, Web 2.0 and other tools to enhance the customer engagement cycle are in vogue.

How does one find one's way through this new world? The best option would be to be led by an expert - one who can not only offer the best strategies as a consultant, but also execute them as a service provider.

Trikon is one such entity that completes the triad by being the third dimension of the system, the other two being the consumer and the client.

Synergy is the key offering that Trikon can bring to your brand marketing. Across technologies, using varied tools, Trikon can streamline a strategic thought and create the perfect launch pad for your brand to talk to consumers in a way they understand best.

The rationale behind the name

The triangle occupies an important place in the Indian school of thought. It is strongly associated with creativity and proportion. It also represents strength and dynamism.

In today’s world of business, the triangle conveys a powerful connotation – of the consumer, the client and the service provider.

It is this triad that is reflected in the name Trikon, which literally means a triangle/ the three corners of a triangle.

Rajesh Subramanian

Founder. Trikon Interactive

16 years of experience - Advertising - CRM Agencies & Online Agency, Client Side of Businesses

Roles played / Handled

  • Response Management Systems
  • Database Marketing & Communications for NBFC
  • Event Management for NBFC
  • Marketing Services, Online Marketing & Strategy,
  • Website Strategy
  • Business Development


To offer brands and clients services that help them integrate conventional methods of brand building with emerging platforms like social networking sites and search marketing.


To form, with our domain expertise, the third dimension of a synergistic triad, the other two being the consumer and the client.