Services of Trikon Interactive

Emerging media is not only a big opportunity for brands and services, it is also an equally big challenge because it needs to be done the right way for maximum efficacy.

Trikon Interactive not only offers you depth, but also breadth of services through a bouquet of offering:

How we work for you

Not every brand can have the same set of requirements. From the solutions needed, to timeframes and to the level of service required, working on one brand can be such a different experience when compared to working on another.

Keeping this in mind, Trikon has ensured a choice of working methodologies, each a well-thought out method with its own set of merits.

1.     Pure Consulting
As a team that has been in this industry for years, we have the expertise to offer you consultancy and recommendations based on our understanding of your requirements.

2.     Project [Cause and need] based approach
When we take up projects, we play several roles in the course of completing it. From understanding your needs to partnering you in your business, we offer key insights based on our experience and also create the right strategies that will take your brand forward. Needless to say, Trikon will take onus of the project from concept to completion.

3.     Long-term partnerships
The journey towards success is rarely a one-off exercise. It requires one to work relentlessly, day after day, and build a brand, brick by brick, customer by customer. At Trikon, we believe that this is the way that results in a win-win situation for the client in the long run, almost always.

Long-term partnerships also result in constructive feedback from the client which is then fed into the triangle - this helps in course correction and in tackling the challenges that accompany the changing times and hence the changing needs of the consumer.

The triangular system also helps us because it enables us to be with you and with your consumer simultaneously.

Trikon's endeavour would be to understand the Client's requirement, pain areas, if any, along with short-term goals, long-term goals and address them through result oriented approach
An important aspect of a strategy is that it should be all encompassing, not 'one size fits all', and only be fine tuned based on necessity and market demands. A strategy of this stature can only be devised when one looks at market in detail based on 3 parameters: Historic data, Current Scenario and future market demands (forecasts).Trikon believes a carefully thought out strategy or a blueprint as described shall form the first steps to success of any partnership or delivery.
Any strategy however well thought has to be nurtured in its developmental stage and cost effective practices have to be deployed. Scalability, planning, control, meeting deadlines, adherence to stringent quality norms mixed with cost effective practices shall result in better ROI. Trikon wishes to take this approach that encompasses all of the above.
Trikon wishes to deliver & implement a strategy that is thoroughly tested, ratified to ensure 'no or lowest levels' of disruptions to business & business scenarios.Trikon wishes to promise a no compromise LAST MILE DELIVERY for better profitability.
Trikon promises to travel that EXTRA MILE to ensure your consumers have an uncompromising delightful experience with your product / service.


Digital Marketing

  • Online Strategy
  • Online Creative
  • Flash Presentations
  • Screen Savers
  • Viral
  • Online Media
    • • Buying
    • • Tracking

Email Marketing

  • Creative
  • Emailer /e-DMs
  • Response Metrics


  • Strategy
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Compatibility
  • Implementation

Social Media

  • Social Networking
  • Micro blogging


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • SEM Metrics


  • SMS Campaigns
  • Bluetooth Applications
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